Japan Here We Come!

Japan Here We Come!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some Cute Videos

Mattie doing her pottie dance.

Emma is convinced she has "learned to ride faster than anyone else." I agree with her, but didn't inform her that most people learn when they are 5, not 7.

Sam pumping iron at the "family gym" on base.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Anacortes Arts Festival

Despite the focus being on strangers I love this picture Miriam took b/c this is me everywhere I go. I am the mother hen in front with three little chicks following behind (and if they have candy, even better ). This is a great picture because I love the smiles on both Miriam and Sam, but I also love it because the owner is in the background giving a crusty.
Emma's birthday money payed for the extra fancy balloon hat.

Enjoying the magic show.
And Tom, that is Lopez Island Creamery in the background, who I dare say rivals Whidbey Island Ice Cream.

The festival was way cooler than I imagined. I'm glad Miriam was here to enjoy it with us.


I love visitors!!! Thank you to all who have come and shared your time with me. Kelli and Claire came the end of July. I sure like hanging out with my sisters. Hiking, biking, swimming, running, we did it all. Miss you guys.

Claire doin' the bike thingy, (with no hands)

A great day in Washington!

Yesterday was just great. I loved the fact that I live here in Washington where there are so many cool things! First thing in the morning I went and payed a defferment for a speeding ticket. It was great to see the legal system at work albeit taking advantage of the average citizen. $100 later they get their money and I don't have to pay more insurance.

Then we went bluberry picking. 5 1/2 lbs. in a half hour. It was great fun and I was reminded how much I love getting food from the source, not to mention they are WAY better that way. Anyone want to come over for blueberry pancakes?

Afterward we ate lunch at the beach. It was beautiful, warm, and fun. Not to mention educational--the teeter totter took quite a few trials to get it right.