Japan Here We Come!

Japan Here We Come!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our Camping Trip to Jim Creek

We had such a good time at the squadron camping trip at Jim Creek. "Camping" is used elusively however because we staying in these pretty nice cabins that had electricity.

There were seven different families that stayed the night and some came up just for the day. It ended up being a warm and beautiful day, so the kids got into water fights as well as making their own waterslides.

Notice the noise? That was a constant for the two whole days. And I think we all loved it.

There was a community pavillion and campfire pit we all shared. We all enjoyed Smores and I caught Hazel helping herself to the bag of marshmallows.

Mattie got a little cold at the end of the night and was quite miserable, but squeaked out a smile for the camera.
There were a lot of other cameras up there, so there may be more forthcoming soon. We hope to take Tom there (if we can convince him he doesn't HAVE to have a tent) b/c it was such a perfect place.

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  1. So cute! I love it all and especially Mattie's miserable smile.